Virgo man dating virgo woman

With the Virgo man, it is necessary to speak clearly, straight, and frankly explain all that is troubling and worrying one.

Virgo, a perfectionist, will always try their best to fix things up, to make improvements, to rearrange, to schedule and systematize.

Like the rest of us, they also have their weaknesses.

They can be overly critical, obsessive compulsive, and be such perfectionists.

Virgos are very discriminating and analytical, and they always have the need to find out things and understand them.

They like to think that people call on them because they believe they can make things happen.

Don’t take it personally if all they want to talk about is work.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t find you or what you do for a living interesting.

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Besides the quality of being perfectionists, they possess the virtues of responsibility, sensitivity, and intelligence and are tend to take matters seriously. Both of them are very devoted and stand by each other in troubles.

Two Virgos make up a good comradeship as they have some much in common.

They have similar view points on life and also they do have the least tolerance to gel with the other zodiac members as friends. There would be mcuh openness and honesty with these friends.

They have a very grounded and realistic approach to life. Don’t think that anything you say will be forgotten by a Virgo because they also have excellent memories.

But how exactly do they fare when it comes to love, dating, and relationships?


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